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About Us

SUPER SCIENCE (SÜPER BİLİM) is a constantly developing organization that has been continuing its activities since 2011 for informal science education and presenting science in a fun way.

Basic activities are: fun science workshops, stage shows and birthday parties. As of 2020, the production of experiment sets has started.

Our company, with its products and services that are fed with the most successful examples in our country and in the world, designed with creative solutions, and constantly renewed in line with current needs, carries out its activities in order to bring the whole society, especially schools and elite accommodation facilities, to meet with science. Our children, whom we meet in corporate environments with the slogan "The Super State of Science", can also carry out Super Science activities at home as of 2021, thanks to our newest product, Experiment Sets.

As an organization that has managed to introduce thousands of children to the smiling face of science since its establishment, and that has achieved the appreciation of our valuable teachers, educational scientists, tourism and public administrators and parents, we continue to progress and grow with determined steps.

  • Science Workshops

    Fun science workshops.

  • Stage Shows

    Super Science Stage Shows are fun science-themed shows and appeal to the 3-12 age group.

  • Birthday Parties

    The birthday girl/boy in the lead role, dozens of fun science activities, affordable prices…

  • Experiment Box Set

    It is designed for those who want to experience the super state of science at home.

  • Adult Programs

    Fun scientific events for MICE organizations and company meetings.

Stage Show




Super Science activities are designed to surprise and excite children and make them smile. It is aimed to provide them unforgettable moments and to create a positive perception on science.


Children take an active role in Super Science activities. They are motivated to ask questions, take part in experiments, and work in teams. They learn by touching, doing and experiencing. They are in contact with the instructor and each other.


It's always fun to explore. Especially every moment of children's lives is filled with the excitement of new discovery. Accompanying them on this adventurous journey is a super friend; a Super Science trainer.


In all experiments, children are given explanations at their level. Thus, it contributes to the development of individuals who know that every formation in our lives has rational explanations and who make informed decisions.